2 weeks ago
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Town of Wrightsville Beach preps for Irma

It's a little calmer over in Wrightsville Beach, but that doesn't mean things aren't happening behind the scenes.
3 weeks ago
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SET SAIL: Boater conditions improve in Carolina Beach Inlet

All day long dredging is underway on the Carolina Beach Inlet. Dredging projects play a major role in maintaining both beaches and inlets.
1 month ago
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Ocean Safety Day teaches beachgoers important tips

While many go to the beach to relax, it can be easy to forget the dangers of the ocean.
2 months ago
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Life Rolls On host They Will Surf Again event at Carolina Beach

Life Rolls on hosted their 10th annual They Will Surf Again program at Carolina Beach today. This is an event for individuals with spinal cord injuries or disabilities to be able to surf.
2 months ago
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Town installs ‘access deck’ for easier beach trips

It can be difficult for the handicapped to enjoy the beaches here in the Cape Fear. That's why Carolina Beach is making it easier for those in wheelchairs to access the sand.
2 months ago
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‘It could collapse now’: Artist embraces ‘impermanent’ art form

A New York man takes his passion for architecture to the beaches of Long Island to build extravagant sand castles.
3 months ago
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Alligator in surf surprises visitors at area beach

One family vacationing in Oak Island will head home with some unique memories. Tuesday there was a new "Jaws" in town but it may not be exactly what you are thinking.
4 months ago
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Great weather for beach visitors over Memorial Day weekend

It's no surprise that our coast was a hot spot this weekend. People traveled from all over to soak in some sun at the beach.
7 months ago
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Sand pushed back by home owners in Oak Island

The beaches in Oak Island have been getting a little help recently with sand but it's not coming from the town.
8 months ago
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Beach project brings fresh sand, fresh artifacts from ocean floor

But today, he found something that had great personal meaning: several bullet heads and casings from World War Two.