Activists file new appeal in fight against Titan Cement Plant

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Environmental activists are taking another stand against a cement plant coming to Wilmington.

The Southern Environmental Law Center, SELC, says they will appeal a judge’s ruling that would deny folks the right to challenge air pollution permits. It’s a ruling that would effectively end challenges to the proposed Titan Cement plant in New Hanover County.

“This decision threatens the rights of citizens to hold their government accountable,” said Mike Giles, Coastal Advocate for the NC Coastal Federation.  “If this decision if not challenged, the people in New Hanover County and beyond will have to live with the threat of more air pollution and degraded health, and no legal recourse from the pollutants that will spew from the proposed Titan plant.”

The SELC says allowing titan to build their plant here would be allowing thousands of tons of dangerous pollutants in the area surrounding it. A claim Titan denies, though, the company has not given us a comment on the appeal.

According to the Titan America website, the plant would bring about 160 full-time jobs to New Hanover County, and have an annual $120 million fiscal impact.

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