Adopt An Angel van missing

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — An animal welfare group says one of its transport vans is missing.

The group Adopt an Angel is asking for help finding the van they say has saved thousands of animals’ lives. Adopt an Angel calls them “freedom rides.”

“Because we take animals from people who are abusive and mean, and then we find really great people to take them,” treasurer Jill Jones said.

Jones says they have three white vans they use to take animals from New Hanover and Brunswick County Animal Services to adoption fairs. She says it is hard to find these kind of vehicles for cheap.

“They are retired utility vans,” Jones said. “We look for these kinds of deals. They don’t come around often.”

They have no place to store the vans when they’re not using them.

“We don’t have a physical facility,” Jones said. “We don’t have an animal shelter. We have nowhere to park these vans.”

That is why they park the vans at Petco on South College Road overnight. Friday night someone stole one of those vans. Adopt an Angel president Sherry Gloer says it does not make sense.

“Why would they do this to a charity that is trying to save homeless animals?” Gloer asked.

Jones says having the van stolen is more than just a monetary loss.

“That’s 4,000 animals that can say that their lives were saved for $400 bucks a year, and somebody decided that they could just come and take that away from those animals,” Jones said. “That made me really sad.”

Jones says for now the other vans are pulling double duty while they look for a replacement.

“It’s going to slow us down, but it’s not going to stop us,” Jones said.

The van that is missing is a 2000 Ford E50. The license plate is B779 IC. If you see the van, report it to the Wilmington Police Department.

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