Allegations of blackmail, avoiding public record law emerge in lawsuit filed by former CFCC president

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Allegations of blackmail and using private emails to avoid the media. Those are just two of the claims coming to light in the lawsuit filed by Cape Fear Community college’s former president.

Ted Spring is suing the Board of Trustees, saying he was unfairly forced out. The trustees filed their response in federal court and it makes several claims about Spring’s leadership.

Spring is demanding his job back and at least $25,000 in damages. His lawsuit claims the trustees told him at a meeting in January of 2015 to resign or be fired.

Documents filed in court provide more background into the case.

According to the Board of Trustees’ Statement of Material Facts, Spring gave the Chief Financial Officer for the college a direct order to pay his wife’s travel expenses.

Click here to read the Statement of Material Facts

The CFO would not give Spring a college gas card, because she feared he’d use it to fill up his wife’s car.

A subordinate also felt Spring blackmailed her with a promotion to get her to lie to the board of trustees.

The records also say that in order to avoid media scrutiny, Spring and other college employees used private email accounts to speak with a crisis management consultant.

Last summer, state prosecutors announced they were beginning a criminal investigation into the former CFCC president. That came after a state audit revealed Spring misappropriated close to $36,000 for personal use.

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