Animal shelter employee fired after dog attacks, kills cats

COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A part-time animal shelter employee is without a job after an incident over the weekend.

Columbus County Animal Shelter Director Rossie Hayes said Elijah Kemp was terminated after leaving a kennel latch open by accident. Hayes said when that happened on Sunday, an older bulldog-mix got out and attacked 12 cats. All 12, which consisted of one adult and 11 kittens, were in a quarantine area and were killed by the dog. Hayes said the dog was about seven or eight years old and had not displayed any aggression prior to the event. An area dog rescue came to pick up the dog Monday, he said.

Kemp, an animal control officer in Whiteville, worked at the shelter part-time to assist them in cleaning the facility, both Hayes and County Manager Bill Clark said. Both Hayes and Clark didn’t know how long Kemp had been an employee but both said it had been for several years.

The Columbus County Animal Shelter has been in the headlines for many issues with both treatment of animals and cleanliness. Clark said they have appealed a recent fine given to them by the state after the state sent a warning.

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