Another Bladenboro resident found beaten, left in ditch

BLADENBORO, NC (WWAY) — Less than a month after a Bladenboro man was found severely assaulted and left in a ditch, another person has been found in the same condition.

According to Bladenboro Mayor David Hales, town and county emergency officials were called just before 11:00 a.m. Saturday to an injured person on Butler Mill Road.

Upon arrival, they found Demetreus Powell severely beaten and lying in a small ditch beside his driveway.

“Bladenboro EMS and Bladen County EMS were dispatched. They responded to the scene found a male kind of looked like he had kind of fell out his wheelchair. Kind of laying on  the side of the dirt road there,” said Nathan Dowless, Bladen County Emergency Services Director.

An investigation revealed Powell had allegedly been beaten and robbed in his home the previous day and ended up in the ditch while trying to go get help. A family member located him Saturday morning after not being able to reach Powell on the phone.

“It was senseless to go in and do someone like that. If they were going to rob him, that’s a different story, but they did not have to do what they did. Basically leaving him for dead, and not the first incident that we’ve had in our town lately, and it’s kind of strange. We’re not used to these type of situations,” said David Hales, Bladenboro Mayor.

Powell was airlifted to New Hanover Regional Medical Center to be treated for his injuries.

A similar incident occurred in Bladenboro one month ago, when Willie “Waddelle” Davis, a well-known man in town, was attacked, robbed, and left in a ditch. There are now leads on possible suspects.

Hales is concerned about the similarities between the two incidents.

“Although this is a county investigation, the other one was a town investigation, and we worked with our sheriff’s department very closely. We’re going to do whatever we can to remedy this situation, and to those out there that are doing it, I’ll just give you a warning,” Bladenboro Mayor David Hales said. “You know that we’re looking for you, and we’re going to find you eventually –and you’re going to be brought to justice.”

At this time, Powell’s condition is unknown. The Bladen County Sheriff’s Office is asking anyone with any information about this case or if you notice any suspicious activity to report it immediately.

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