Antiques used in movie industry

WILMINGTON (WWAY) — With a major motion picture filming in our area and a new drama set to appear on Hulu, the spotlight is once again shining on Wilmington’s film industry.

Now that the film industry is once again heating up, businesses like Vintage Marketplace have created a partnership of sorts with film crews.

Antique shop owners say the industries need each other.

Vintage Marketplace Owner, Janie Perry says everyone from actors to film crews come in and select props, but they have to be mindful of what they buy and rent.

Props with logos can create legal issues. If there’s a certain piece a production wants, Perry says they create it.

“If we don’t have it in the store we have vendors so they’ll text me pictures, and they’ll say ‘This is what I’m looking for’ and then I text everybody and they’ll tell me what they have,” Perry said.

Michael Moore owns an antique shop on Castle Street. He says he’s been working with the film industry for more than 30 years.

“They often rent larger ticket items because it avoids having to spend a thousand dollars on a piece of furniture,” Moore said. “They can just get it for 20% or whatever they’re paying as a percentage, and then they don’t have to invest the whole thousand dollars.”

Moore says buying and renting is a cycle.

“As far as the buying, it immediate here. They can come in and take it out that same day. And as far as rentals, they can’t rent online they can only rent from local stores,” Moore stated.

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