Ashley’s Adventures: Thalian Hall

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Thalian Hall is the heart of Wilmington.

It all started in the 1850s when the city needed a new City Hall.

“They wanted something grander,” said Tony Riverbark, Thalian Hall’s executive director. “So, they kept finding things to put in it.  It was also the library, the armory, an assembly room, the office of the city and a 1,000 seat theater.”

150 years later, it’s still City Hall and one of the nation’s old theaters.

It does, however, look a little different than it did in 1958.

“It’s had many, many renovations reflective of many different periods, but there’s still a lot of the original theater intact,” said Riverbark.

From speakers to debates, plays, musicals, memorials and even Michael Jordan, the hall has hosted names both big and small.

Still hosting hundreds of plays, movies and acts every year, Thalian Hall is busier than ever.

Click here to check out events and tickets at Thalian Hall.

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