Attorney works to stop giving courtrooms control of heir property

WILMINGTON,NC (WWAY) — Land is precious and, as history tells, it took many years for some racial groups to finally be able to purchase them. But, with tricky laws, courts across North Carolina are battling heir property cases. New Hanover County NAACP held a presentation Saturday morning to guide residents on how to not lose property rights.

Attorney Mavis Gragg of the Gragg Law Firm says purchasing land has been represented as an act of defiance for minorities, but, between navigating the laws and dealing with family circumstances, she has observed many conflicts with clients. Gragg says she has met with many clients who have felt hopeless trying to get their right to their property they believe they deserve.

“I have families who contact me because a third party has purchased one owner’s share and is able to get the property sold through our court system,” Gragg said. “There are ways we can prevent that on the front-end, if we are proactive.”

Gragg says the first step to solving this problem is having a comprehensive family tree. She says this is the primary tool attorneys use to determine how the ownership is passing through the family.

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