Avelo airline’s inaugural flight lands in Wilmington

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY)-  Avelo airlines’ first inaugural flight for Wilmington International Airport flight arrived just after 10 o’clock Thursday morning.

The aircraft coming in from New Haven, Connecticut received a water cannon salute taxiing into gate four.

Passengers were welcomed with treats and Avelo branded gear and plush airplanes.

The airport announced earlier this spring, the low budget airline would be coming and offered flights that started at just $29.

The relatively new airline got its start on the West Coast out of Burbank, California last year.

Destinations for Avelo flights include New Haven, Connecticut; Orlando, Florida and Baltimore, Maryland.

WWAY caught up with some passengers who had no idea there would be a warm such a warm welcome.

“I got a pen and free cookies, it was great,” said Ezran Lee. “Apparently the flight was like way, way cheaper than any of the other ones, and we did have to get up earlier to drive here but it was well worth it.”

Lori Roslonek travelled to ILM with her daughter Nadia.

“We also had a dual water salute, which was awesome to look out the window and see that,” said Lori.

“I didn’t realize that any of this was going to happen, I was just going on a flight to see my aunt,” said Nadia.

The full flight of about 140 passengers headed back to new haven just after 12 o’clock Thursday.

Flights from Orlando and Baltimore are expected to make their first flights to ILM Friday.

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