WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — It started blooming in the 1940s, and now it’s all grown up. Garden owners Bill Hobbs and his daughter Kinzy Tippett share the same blood and backyards at 2234 Metts Avenue.

Two gardens linked together create a quiet and quaint escape from the city, which is just 100 feet away, and a stop on this weekend’s Azalea Garden Tour. Apparently, father and daughter are not the only ones who enjoy the serene space.

“We do have a family of owls that occupies the property in the evenings,” Hobbs said. “You can hear them in the early mornings and evenings hooting back and forth. That type of thing. It really makes you feel an appreciation for nature.”

If you don’t hear the owls, you will at least see the many water features and flowers. From camellias to azaleas and from land to bridges, the sites and sounds of this garden are peaceful souvenirs of nature.

The Cape Fear Garden Club’s Azalea Garden Tour runs Friday through Sunday around Wilmington.

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