BAH HUMBUG! Family’s mattress swiped from side of road

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — It’s not the Grinch who stole Christmas, in this case it’s a birthday present that’s missing.

A New Hanover County man was trying to bring a gift home for his daughter’s 12th birthday and now it is in the hands of another.

“Give the guy 30 seconds to get back and she said 1, 2, 30. Losers weepers finders keepers and drove off,” man who lost mattress Doug Ramsey said.

That’s what a woman allegedly said when she picked up Doug Ramsey’s brand new queen mattress from the side of the road.

The mattress had fallen out of his truck on 23rd Street and another driver flagged him down to tell him.

“When the lady said you dropped it back there, she said I hope nobody got it, certainly nobody got it who’s driving around like with the right vehicle willing to like pick up a used, well it wasn’t used it was new, but like laying on the side of the road mattress, but sure enough before I could get back, she had struck,” Ramsey said.

The mattress, gone. A nearby business caught it on their surveillance camera.

People standing in the parking lot saw the woman take it and say they tried to intervene.

“She wasn’t going to take no for an answer,” witness CJ Hunt said. “We kinda let her know he might be right back he’s only maybe 30 seconds up the street.”

30 seconds too long, Hunt said the woman was not waiting.

“Sometimes people make bad decisions in the wrong time and I feel like she could of handled it a lot differently than she did,” Hunt said.

Ramsey said his silver lining is knowing his children have learned a valuable life lesson.

“If you ever found a bike on the side of the road, how to know whether you’re stealing or not just ask yourself is it yours?” Ramsey said.

Ramsey filed a report with the Sheriff’s Office, but for now his mattress is lying elsewhere.

Ramsey said he will forgive the woman, but does hope to get the mattress back.

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