Bakery, restaurant to rise up on South Front Street in Wilmington

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — From an area that once housed a vacant and dilapidated housing project to a growing warehouse district, South Front Street in Wilmington is slowly transforming.

New restaurants and homes are helping the area gain some attention.

The restaurant Fortunate Glass is adding a second location and a new bakery and coffee shop will open soon which will help the growth become reality.

For people who live nearby say it’s a welcome addition because for the longest time the only thing around was Satellite Bar.

“We would come here to go just to Satellite but it was more of a place to kind of go and then leave to go somewhere else just cause wasn’t much else to do around here,” resident Michael Kane said.

Lydia Clopton, a pastry chef who is opening her bakery “Love, Lydia”, believes that paved the way for more businesses.

Her bakery will join Benny’s Big Time Pizzeria which opened in December.

As the area continues to build up, Clopton said she knew she needed to get her hands on this space for her new business.

“I think that this particular area could use a business like mine and I want it to be a place where people feel comfortable coming everyday,” Clopton said.

She says she hopes more people will recognize this area’s potential.

“Hopefully with all of the businesses that are going in, they’ll want to spend more time here and maybe walk over to Greenfield Lake,” Clopton said. “I think it’s a really underutilized part of the city.”

Residents believe this will change the way others think of the area.

“I still think downtown is always going to be a busy area, but I still think this definitely draws a lot of people, a lot more people than it did in the past, just cause there’s a lot more options now,” Kane said.

Love, Lydia is expected to open early this summer.

Clopton says she won’t be surprised to see even more businesses try to come here in the next few years.

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