Bar owner jailed in Honduras owned River Rat in Wilmington

The can has a lid that screws off so cash and valuables can be placed inside. TSA agents stopped her when she was leaving, cut the can open, and white particles fell out.

Brandon LaRoque flew to Honduras yesterday to be with his wife, who described the suffocating conditions of her incarceration to ABC11.

"They're holding me in an 8x12 pen, that's un-air-conditioned; no beds, no mattresses, on a concrete floor," LaRoque detailed. "There's no ventilation, there's just one window with little bars and the door.

"I mean this stuff is so crazy. I don't think you can make it up," LaRoque added. "I mean this is over an iced tea soda can."

A spokesman for Senator Thom Tillis' office said, "Senator Tillis'office has been in contact with the LaRoque family and we have been making inquiries to the appropriate channels on her behalf."

Family members say Amanda LaRoque has another court date on Friday.

It could be more than a week before tests on the white substance come back.


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