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Mexican officials try to stave off tariffs at White House

Mexican and U.S. officials met late into the day Tuesday at the White House trying to stave off President Donald Trump's threatened tariffs on all Mexican goods flowing into the United States.

Sickness, fear, harassment in Mexico whittle away at caravan

Little by little, sickness, fear and police harassment are whittling down the migrant caravan making its way to the U.S. border, with many of the 4,000 to 5,000 migrants who resumed their journey Thursday complaining of exhaustion.

Saint Mary’s Father Bob Kus retiring after 20-year career as priest

A 20-year career as a Catholic priest in North Carolina is coming to an end for Father Bob Kus, but his mission is not over.

Local company raises funds to add solar panels at Honduras medical clinic

The Clinica Santa Maria in Honduras is a medical clinic built by the St. Mary's Parish in Wilmington. A local company is raising funds to build solar panels down there.

Raleigh woman jailed in Honduras returning home

A Raleigh woman who's been stuck in Honduras since July 30 after she was arrested trying to board a flight home has finally been allowed to leave the country.

Raleigh woman stuck in Honduras despite dismissal of drug charges

A Raleigh woman who had drug trafficking charges against her dismissed by a Honduran judge last week is still in the Central American country and she isn’t sure when she can leave.

Charges dropped against Raleigh woman accused of having cocaine in Honduras

Charges against a Raleigh woman accused of cocaine trafficking in Honduras have been dropped.

Bar owner jailed in Honduras owned River Rat in Wilmington

The Raleigh bar owner jailed in Honduras on suspicion of drugs once owned a bar in downtown Wilmington.

Raleigh bar owner traveling to Honduras after wife jailed over drug charges

A Raleigh woman is currently in jail in Honduras and her husband is on his way to the Central American country to try to help her.

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