Battleship North Carolina holds annual Memorial Day ceremony

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A day to remember the sacrifices made for our country.

The Battleship North Carolina held their annual Memorial Day ceremony to pay honor to those who died serving our country.

Many veterans were in attendance, including Donato Salvagno, who says he served in the Navy and wanted to pay his respects.

“I think it’s great that there’s so many people that think of it and care for the people and the veterans, the ones that we lost, and the ones that have been in the service. You couldn’t ask for a better country,” Salvagno said.

Several dignitaries spoke at the ceremony including Governor Roy Cooper, who expressed his condolences for the lives lost.

“It’s a special time because you know the hurt is deep but you know the sacrifice for our country is great. It’s only fitting that we would gather to honor their sacrifice and to make sure that those men and women have not died in vain,” Cooper said.

Mayor Bill Saffo says the event is a reminder that we shouldn’t take our freedom for granted.

“I think we should take a time out on this Memorial Day to recognize them as we do every year. It’s very important that we, as North Carolinians, in a state that provides so much to our military, recognize that and thank them for their efforts and for their service to our great country,” Saffo said.

As the Memorial Day wreath was dropped into the water, the ceremony came to a close.

Many said more people should pay honor to those lost.

“I’m hoping everyone gets involved. Because somewhere down the line, there had to be somebody in their family that lost a life fighting, protecting, doing everything they can for this country,” Salvagno said.

Many veterans were just thankful so many people came out to remember their fallen friends, families and allies.

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