Beach communities assess damage after storm

BRUNSWICK COUNTY (WWAY) — Tropical Storm Ana showed her might with heavy rains and 60 miles per hour max winds. And she left some damage behind for Sunset Beach’s Taylor Moody.

“I was like oh my gosh I hope everyone is okay,” Moody said.

That was Moody’s thought when a tree in her backyard fell on their carport and shed.

“A tree came down and crushed both of my dad’s buildings with a one of our trucks, the boat, and all his tools and actually my truck and I was pretty worried because that truck is super special to me,” Moody said.

Moody says fortunately none of the vehicles were damaged and she didn’t expect this kind of damage from the storm.

“I was thinking by the time it gets here it’ll die out, it’s no big, it’ll just be a storm,” Moody said. “Ana definitely showed us what she was made of.”

And it wasn’t just the damage from the strong winds beach communities are dealing with, it’s the standing water on roads in places like Ocean Isle Beach.

Daniel Patterson, an Ocean Isle resident, says flooded streets are something he is used to.

“The rain kind of left a lot of flooding so we decided to make do with what we have back there,” said Patterson. “Tropical storms or any kind of heavy rain fall that’s something that we see back there and its only on the eastern side of the island because of the beach erosion it’s been a serious problem over here.”

And while those make the best of the water and winds Ana brought, Moody says she is happy no one she knows was hurt.

“We are really lucky that not more happened than what did happen,” Moody said.


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