Belville commissioners wants reverse osmosis plant

BELVILLE, NC (WWAY) — The Belville Board of Commissioners wanted the public to know that they are concerned, too.

Tonight, H2Go executive director, Bob Walker, gave a presentation and addressed common questions on the water.

Walker says it would take about 18 months to build the plant and pump water to the community.

He says this isn’t just to help with the issue now, but looking toward the future.

“We hope that it would never happen. But the river is vulnerable and this is a real world example of why we need to find an alternative water source for the Northeast Brunswick area,” Walker said.

Mayor Mike Allen says he supported the idea of a reverse osmosis plant, but believes it is more necessary now more than ever.

“We’ve always been in favor of the reverse osmosis plant because I always felt it would benefit the people in the town. You know, having an alternate source of water is always a good thing. It’s not a negative whether we had the issue with GenX or not,” Allen said.

During the meeting, Walker mentioned that GenX isn’t the only chemical the public needs to worry about.

“You also have 1,4-Dioxane that has been detected in the water. Hexavalent Chromium is in the water. The water itself is just a host for many many contaminants,” Walker said.

Some community members at the meeting agree with the commissioners. They believe a reverse osmosis plant is the way to go and a resolution to build the plant should go forward.

“It seems like the reverse osmosis plant is the best choice,” Bill Smith said.

Walker also says that H2Go is grabbing samples of the Cape Fear water and sending it out for testing. But not to the same testing facility that Chemours is sending their samples to.

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