Bill would change NC littering laws to include grass clippings, leaves on streets

RALEIGH, NC (WNCN) — Motorcycle riders are backing a change to the state’s littering law, saying some people are creating a safety hazard by leaving large amounts of grass clippings and leaves on streets.

“That could put down a motorcyclist or bicyclist. It’s very dangerous for people riding on two wheels for that to happen,” said Charlie Boone with the Concerned Bikers Association. “People just don’t think. That’s the problem. It doesn’t affect them, so they don’t think about it.”

A Republican-sponsored bill that has the backing of Speaker of the House Tim Moore would amend the littering law to specifically include “grass clippings, leaves, shrubbery trimmings and any other plant material resulting from lawn maintenance and other horticultural gardening and landscaping activities.”

Click here to view the bill.

Punishments vary based on the amount of waste involved and include a combination of a fine and community service.

“It can cause you to drop your bike, and there are people that have been killed by that,” Boone said. “If law enforcement sees it, I would like for them to stop and take notice.”

If the bill passes, it would take effect December 1.

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