Board has 30 days to act on Marina’s resolution

SOUTHPORT, NC (WWAY) — It’s day ten and no upset bids have been filed against Southport’s Board of Aldermen’s decision to let Southport Marina purchase the old waste water treatment plant.

The city’s old waste water treatment plant was decommissioned in 2012 and since then the city has attempted to sell the land with no success. Recent estimates show it would cost the city more than $300,000 to demolish the property. Now, Southport Marina’s plan would remove that burden.

“Recently, Southport Marina has offered the city $650,000 to purchase the land as is which means they will pay for the demolition and removal of the existing structures, debris and anything else there,” said City Manager Bruce Oakley.

The 2.5 acres of land is owned by the city of Southport. Oakley says Southport Marina wants to buy the property for more dry storage, additional parking and an easement for public access.

“The 10 foot easement would serve as a walkway that could serve as a kayak launch or an observation deck, whatever the city wants,”said Oakley. “The marina has also offered up to $25,000 to help us build that.”

This easement would lead directly to Cottage Creek with another portion for picnic tables.

Oakley says recovering from Hurricane Florence dropped the city’s fund balance to 12% which is well below the state’s recommendation of 30%. This project will help cushion the city’s pocket.

“We believe, once we are reimbursed by FEMA on some of the disaster relief we’ve done, that we would get closer to 30%,” said Oakley. “But, we don’t expect to get all that money this year so at the end of the year our fund balance will be low.”

If the board accepts this offer and the marina builds as planned, it could add up to $30,000 or more to the city’s annual tax revenue.

With no upset bids filed, the Southport’s Board of Aldermen have 30 days to act on the resolution.

The next step is to call a meeting to formally accept or deny the offer.

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