Both NC senators vote for $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WWAY) — The Senate passed President Joe Biden’s $1.2 trillion infrastructure proposal on a 69-30 tally, with 19 Republicans joining all Democrats and independents in supporting the measure.

That tally includes both North Carolina senators — Sen. Richard Burr and Sen. Thom Tillis — and one South Carolina senator. Sen. Lindsey Graham voted in favor of the measure, while Sen. Tim Scott opposed it.

Following the passage of the bill, Sen. Burr released the following statement:

“This bipartisan bill is a major investment in America’s economic future. It provides the largest core infrastructure investment in our nation’s history and it does so responsibly – without raising taxes. While no compromise bill is ever perfect, I’m proud to have worked with my Senate colleagues to find common ground on an issue that affects all Americans.

This bill is particularly important for growing states like North Carolina. As more families and businesses call North Carolina home, we have to have the right infrastructure in place to meet the needs of a growing population. Poor roads and high traffic areas cost commuters and businesses a not insignificant amount of money each year. This legislation will provide $9 billion to update, expand, and repair North Carolina’s roads and highways. It also invests heavily in airports, bridges, rural broadband access, and our clean water supply.

America’s aging infrastructure poses a risk to our economic growth and our ability to compete globally in the 21st century. Modernizing our roads, bridges, railways, ports, waterways, broadband capabilities, cybersecurity, and more will help lower the costs of doing business, create more jobs, and spur innovation.”

Sen. Tillis also released a statement in support of the bill, saying:

“This bipartisan infrastructure bill is a big win for all North Carolinians, funding infrastructure projects and creating good-paying jobs without raising taxes. As a member of the bipartisan infrastructure group, I have been working hard to ensure this package improves North Carolina’s roads, highways, and bridges, as well as major funding for clean water. Additionally, this bill will include funding for broadband services for the nearly 400,000 North Carolinians who do not have access to high-speed internet. I am proud to have worked on this important legislation with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle, and I urge Speaker Pelosi to vote on this legislation and send it to the President’s desk without delay.”

The Senate also voted to begin discussion on a budget bill that features funding for what Democrats call “human infrastructure,” including education and climate change.

That vote fell along party lines, with all Republicans opposing the measure.

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