Brewing questions in the Port City

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY)– Microbreweries have been showing more interest in the Port City.

But city code is causing a little confusion for craft brewers. Thursday night, the City of Wilmington held a public forum to get your thoughts.

Brewing is a way of life for Michele Savard. She owns Wilmington Homebrew supply with her husband and says a small local brewery is not just another bar.

“Craft beer is an art, not something you do after midnight,” Savard said.

It’s an art form that didn’t popped onto the radar of the City of Wilmington until now.

A meeting at city hall allowed the public to give their input into how small local breweries should be regulated.

“It’s not about quantity of consumption it’s about the quality of what their consuming,” said Paul Prite with the City of Wilmington. “It’s emerged recently and it’s just a new emerging business. It’s something that hasn’t been dealt with before in our code.”

The idea is to treat these craft brewers like restaurant owners giving them more options when it comes to where they can open up.

If everything goes according to plan, city council could vote on the issue as soon as August.

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