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Gang-run brewery announces plans for Wilmington facility

They say it's more than just a brewery. Plans submitted to the City of Wilmington reveal a daycare, a gym, a studio, and much more could be coming at the future site of TRU Colors Brewery.

Danish brewer could soon be selling beer in paper bottles

Danish beer maker Carlsberg unveiled what it says is the first "paper bottle" for beer, made out of sustainably-sourced wood fibers.

UNC sold 43K alcoholic drinks during 3 football games

Alcohol sales have been a hit at college football games in North Carolina this year.

Men accused of forcing small alligator to drink beer

Authorities say they've arrested a Florida man who provoked a small alligator into biting his arm and poured beer into the animal's mouth.

Carolina Hurricanes unveil team’s official beer ‘Storm Brew’

The Carolina Hurricanes now have an official beer.

Study: Beer enthusiasts prefer higher alcohol content and bitter brews

A new analysis reveals that beer enthusiasts prefer styles of beer with higher alcohol by volume (ABV) and bitter flavor.

Local brewery partners with farm to reuse grains leftover from brewing

Have you ever wondered what breweries do with all the leftover grains they produce when brewing their beers?

Baked and brewed: This may be your new favorite fall beer

A Wilmington brewery has whipped up a new seasonal beer that represents all things fall!

College football fan’s viral sign leads to big donation

An Iowa State University fan took his moment of fame on national TV to make a plea for strangers to Venmo him beer money.

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