Brunswick Boom brings growing pains in Leland

LELAND, NC (WWAY) — If you drive through or live in Leland, you probably noticed a thick cloud of smoke looming over the sky. Most people say they are happy about the growth in the area but not so happy about what’s in the air.

“It was quite smoky throughout the neighborhood. I’ve had a bad cough the last couple days,” Barbara Nelson said. She continued, saying,”I had a cold that I was getting over and I’m sure that’s part of why I’m coughing a lot worse the last two days.”

The issue is growth and the area off of Ploof Road is another example of these growing pains. Crews are removing trees and debris and conducting controlled burns to get rid of “legal” vegetation.

“Well it’s just part of development. So as Leland’s grown, you know, so have the proximity to people to these burns,” Leland Fire Rescue Chief, John Grimes, said.

Some residents near the burn site had no idea this was happening and only saw smoke in the sky, and into the neighborhood.

“My mother-in-law has serious issues with it. It’s definitely caused a lot more congestion inside of her chest and honestly me a little bit as well, being a previous smoker. I quit a long time ago and now it seems like the smoke is back in my lungs. So its making it a little tough to breathe, I will say that,” Nicholas Curl said.

Other neighbors said they would just like more communication about these burns so that they can be aware and prepare.

“They should be more self conscious when it comes to the neighborhood,” Terrence Meyers said.

“On one side, I’m really happy with the economic growth and the development that’s happening out here but there is a cost for that and unfortunately some of these things, like the burn and traffic delays, its just part of it,” Jason Carmine said.

Fire Chief Grimes says there will be more burns as more businesses move into the area. He also had some tips for the residents during these times. He said to keep your windows closed, do not open your doors unnecessarily, it is okay to run the air conditioner because it isn’t bringing air in and if you can, spend part of the day away from the area.

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