Brunswick Co. Schools won’t consider book challenge

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Brunswick County Schools will not consider a woman’s new challenge against a book she finds offensive.

Last week Frances Wood, of Ash, filed a protest of “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian” to West Brunswick High School, where she says her grandchild will go next year. Wood challenged the book at Cedar Grove Middle School last year. Because of that, the district won’t consider her new challenge.

On March 31 the Brunswick County School Board revised its policy for dealing with book challenges. The new policy says, “Challenges which complete the process through the Board or are not pursued in accordance with timelines, are considered final and no further appeals of the material, based on like circumstances, should be considered for a period of two years.”

A Cedar Grove committee rejected Wood’s challenge last year, but Wood appealed to then-Superintendent Edward Pruden. When Pruden ruled against her, she appealed to the Brunswick County School Board. Board members decided the novel will stay in schools, but a student must have a parent’s permission to check the book out of the library.

West Brunswick High School Principal Brock Ahrens sent a letter to Wood today notifying her that her challenge would not be considered.

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