Brunswick County commissioners stick with resolution in support of drilling

BOLIVIA, NC (WWAY) — Brunswick County commissioners still support seismic testing and offshore drilling.

Last month the commission voted in support of the practice. Monday night they reevaluated that decision, but they landed at the same conclusion. This goes against more than 75 communities on the east coast that have said formally passed resolution against drilling.

There were a number of people who spoke for and against drilling as the county commission discussed the topic. Commissioner Frank Williams recused himself while the commission split on the vote; two in favor of drilling and two staying neutral in the matter. Because it was a tie, the commission stuck with its original resolution in support of drilling.

Commissioner Marty Cooke voiced his support of the matter.

“The truth is I have to look at it from a standpoint of being subjective to be able to look at it with all the information,” Cooke said. “With that being said, I am still supportive of seismic testing.”

Bill Flythe, a Southport resident against drilling, said he had hoped the outcome would have been different.

“I am extremely disappointed, because we have some beautiful beaches here, and it’s a tremendous investment as far as tourism and what not, so therefore we should do anything we can to protect our investment,” Flythe said.

Flythe said opponents’ biggest concerns are saving the environment, preserving marine life and helping the ocean.

While coastal communities are taking stances on the issue of seismic testing and offshore drilling county officials said the state or federal governments are not asking for any formal stance at this point.

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