Brunswick County community closer to having sewer issues resolved

SHALLOTTE, NC (WWAY) – After nearly two years, a Brunswick County community is closer to having its sewer issues resolved.

Village Pointe residents have been dealing with a foul smell coming from the sewer system.

The Town of Shallotte has been trying to resolve the issue, but couldn’t pinpoint the problem, according to its mayor.

After several visits to the neighborhood, the town engineer figured out a possible solution; a project to make the repairs was approved at Tuesday’s council meeting.

According to Shallotte Mayor Walter Eccard, the goal has always been to fix the problem.

“We asked our town engineer to do a study and do a recommendation, and he did, it deals with rerouting some of the flow of sewage,” he said. “The Board of Alderman heard the presentation and approved, proceeding with the remedy.”

According to Eccard, all concerns are treated of most importance.

“We treat this like any citizen complaint, we take it seriously, and we try when we can to remedy the situation.”

At a price tag of about $100,000 the project is expected to begin within the next few weeks but may change due to nationwide supply chain issues.

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