Brunswick County continues redistricting plans

BRUNSWICK COUNTY (WWAY) — The Board of Education is still working on redistricting.

Rather than 60 to 75 minute bus rides, they are in the works of shaving down some of that time.

Members had a meeting Tuesday afternoon to explore multiple map options.

The ultimate goal is to provide capacity relief to Bellville Elementary School and provide a zone for the Town Creek Middle School that will be opening next year.

Cropper GIS Consulting President Matthew Cropper presented multiple ideas to the board that would decrease crowding.

In addition to that, Cropper and board members have considered parents concerns.

Board Member Catherine Cooke expressed, “It’s huge, I mean, they’re the ones that are going to have to make adjustments in their schedules and live as far as transportation, and different things like that. After school care, so it was important to hear from them.”

They’re also including a clean feeder pattern.

“Kids growing up with friends and peers in elementary school going to the next level with familiar faces, and people that they know, and have met through earlier years, so that’s always a concern in the public,” Cropper stated.

The process is still underway, and the board is currently evaluating the options.

January 7th, the public is invited to voice their concerns at a meeting before members make their final votes on January 14th.

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