‘I have no other option’: Wilmington gym to reopen despite restrictions

Fitness centers and gyms remain closed across the state of North Carolina. It has one local business owner taking matters into his own hands.

More jobs may be coming to city after leaders help local businesses

As Wilmington continues to grow, so does the effort to attract and expand manufacturing businesses.

Bitty & Beau’s Coffee officially opens 5th location

Bitty and Beau's Coffee shop opened its fifth location in Annapolis Maryland this weekend. 

Operation Dodgeball press conference

More than a dozen gang members, 11 guns, and several bags of heroin are off the streets after a major drug investigation in New Hanover County.

Florence survivors receive gift cards

Hundreds of families across the Cape Fear are still recovering from Hurricane Florence.

Brunswick County continues redistricting plans

The Board of Education is still working on re-districting.

Cape Fear Fair and Expo wraps up another successful year

It is the last day of the Cape Fear Fair and Expo.

Healthy food distributed to food desert areas

Even though we're on the coast, and we talk a lot about rain here. We have deserts in our area, food deserts.

Cape Fear Community College showcases their skills in construction for the public

Students explained that in addition to being sound and honest, it's also a very secure field.

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