Brunswick County leaders react to job losses

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Nearly 100 people will lose their jobs when a Brunswick County factory transfers the positions to Mexico. Victaulic said it will eliminate those jobs over the next year from its plant of US 74/76 near Leland.

This announcement comes after hundreds of people lost their jobs when DAK Americas closed its doors last fall.

“It is kind of heart breaking in any one way when you see a family and they have to find other work or move out of the area. That is not what we want to see here in Brunswick County,” Belville Mayor Mike Allen said.

Allen and Brunswick County Commissioner Frank Williams both agree it is crucial for the county to recruit new businesses.

“Companies are going to come and go,” Williams said.

As a result of that dynamic, Williams said the county needs to continually attract new companies to the area and be mindful not to let its guard down when things are going well.

“We have to always be looking for new ones,” Williams said.

Williams added the county needs leadership at the federal level to advocate for new business.

“I think one of the things we need to have is leadership at the state level and also at the congressional level who are going to be able to articulate what Brunswick County is about,” Williams said. “I believe we have that at the state level with our house and senate members.”

If companies decide to leave Brunswick County and people lose their job, Williams said having retraining programs would be beneficial.

“Whenever people do lose their job, we can train them for jobs with different skills,” he said.

Along with those ideas there is a plan already in place to bring in more jobs.

Allen said if everything goes as planned, Belville’s new Riverwalk project will add about 70 jobs. He is also excited about an automotive replacement retailer preparing to call Belville home.

“Advanced Auto is getting ready to build, and that is something good coming in,” Allen said.

Allen said there are two more projects in the works that he could not comment about. He said they will bring more people to the area and add to the town.

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