No changes in results after Brunswick County vote canvass

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — After the official count of votes from the Nov. 7 elections, all the results from Brunswick County are the same as they were on Election Night.

This morning the Brunswick County Board of Elections canvassed the votes to make the results official.

The board recommended 13 supplemental absentee ballots for approval and 98 provisional for consideration.

Perhaps the most anticipated certification was for H2GO Commissioner where Bill Beer, a candidate against building a reverse osmosis plant in northern Brunswick County finished behind two pro-reverse osmosis candidates, but ahead of the third reverse osmosis candidate Carl Antos.

The official results for the three open seats are Ronnie Jenkins (1,996 votes), Rodney McCoy (1,822 votes) and Bill Beer (1,817 votes).

“I’m disappointed that Carl did not come out ahead, but that’s life. Clean water to me is a moral issue and we’re going to continue to fight for that,” H2GO Commissioner Elect Rodney McCoy said.

Beer’s victory tilts the balance of power on the board against building the plant.

McCoy, one of the other winners said regardless of the outcome he will continue to make clean water his priority.

“We’re going to have to be professional and work together. That’s life on a board, and it’s a little bit split,” McCoy said.

Besides the H2GO board, other races the board looked into were Boiling Spring Lakes commissioner, Southport mayor and Sunset Beach council, which was separated by one vote.

The two winners for Boiling Spring Lakes commissioner are Steven Barger (465 votes) and Guy Auger (245 votes).

Jerry Dove won reelection as Southport mayor winning with 667. That’s 13 votes ahead of Joe Pat Hatem.

“It was a very close race, and we feel like we ran a very good campaign. We were separated by 13 votes,” Southport mayor Candidate Joe Pat Hatem said.

Hatem said he has a list of voters he will review, but ultimately supports the final decision.

“If it does come to Mayor Dove winning reelection we wish him well he’s our mayor and we support him,” Hatem said.

The winners for Sunset Beach Council are Charlie Nern (713 votes), John Corbett (689 votes) and Jan Harris (662 votes). E. Wilson Sherrill finished out of the running for the three seats by just two votes finishing with 660.

None of the races changed from the order we saw on election night.

Brunswick County Elections Director Sara Knotts said the results of those four elections are the only ones that can be challenged.

Candidates who want to request a recount have until 5 p.m. Monday.

New Hanover, Pender, Columbus and Bladen Counties results all remained the same from election night.

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