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No changes in results after Brunswick County vote canvass

After the official count of votes from the Nov. 7 elections, all the results from Brunswick County are the same as they were on Election Night.

H2Go commissioner could seek probe on if utility funded messages for pro-RO candidates

Commissioner Gerken plans to bring up his request for investigation within the next board meeting or two.
Brunswick County election resultsvideo

Brunswick County election results remain the same after recount

Only a handful of votes separate four races in Brunswick county. That's why the board of elections conducted a recount to confirm the results from election night are accurate. The recount showed the results will stay the same.

Four Brunswick County races up for recount

Four municipal races in Brunswick County are so close that a recount is planned for Wednesday, two days before the votes are officially canvassed.

Former Burgaw mayor reclaims old office; current mayor loses council race

Pete Cowan was back on the ballot for Burgaw mayor while Eugene Mulligan ran for town council.
Town of Carolina Beach sealvideo

Joe Benson elected as mayor of Carolina Beach, council still undecided

It seems like every two years there's a battle in Carolina Beach for council and mayor. This year was no exception. 

Anti-RO majority prevails if H2Go vote holds in tight election

It was a long and bitter battle, and it might not be over yet. But if the results of the election for H2Go Board of Directors hold, millions of dollars could be down the drain in northern Brunswick County.

Kure Beach mayor loses bid to remain on town council, Bloszinsky elected mayor

While still serving her first term as mayor of Kure Beach, Emilie Swearingen announced she would not seek a second term in office.

Transgender woman wins Virginia House seat, makes history

Danica Roem, a transgender woman unseated one of Virginia’s longest serving and most socially conservative lawmakers Tuesday and is set to make history.

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