Brunswick Town/Fort Anderson brush fire under investigation

BRUNSWICK COUNTY,NC (WWAY) — The State Bureau of Investigation and two Brunswick County fire departments are trying to determine what started the fire that set a popular part of the Brunswick Town/Fort Anderson historic site ablaze last night.

Site manager Jim McKee says, during a check around 6:45 p.m., the maintenance worker noticed smoke and then saw a fire burning near the site’s boardwalk, which provides a path from the Civil War area to the Colonial area. He calls it a “hot fire” that burned nearly 70 feet of the walkway. He says Boiling Spring Lakes and Military Ocean Terminal Sunny Point fought the fire for more than an hour.

McKee says it appears the fire started underneath the boardwalk because the plank near that area is singed. He says some of the uprights under the crosswalk are burned half to two-thirds of the way.

“If it hadn’t been for Florence my reaction probably would have been a lot worse, but as it was just ‘Oh no, not again,'” McKee said.

McKee says the boardwalk will be mostly closed until the investigation report is complete.

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