Candidate filing begins for mid-term elections

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Let the games begin!

No, not the frozen ones in Korea. The political ones right here at home.

Candidate filing began this afternoon across North Carolina for this year’s elections, including US House, all NC House and Senate races and various local offices.

Including three candidates so far for State House District 17 which covers part of Brunswick County.

For nearly a decade incumbent Republican Rep. Frank Iler has held the seat.

Now Republican Pat Skyes and Democrat Tom Simmons are throwing their hats in the ring in hopes of breaking that streak.

WWAY spoke with all three about what they would do if they were elected.

“Keep more money in the pockets of people who earn it. And small businesses that can create jobs,” Iler said. “And we’re going to try to improve our schools every session and have better teacher pay, more teacher assistants. Teaching fellows is coming back we’re going to make that grow.”

“To make sure that we’re not overburdened with taxes,” candidate, Pat Sykes said. “And that mandates coming down from the state are not forwarded to the county for a burden on the tax payers here.”

“Environment’s one. We have to protect the environment of this county it’s our livelihood,” Simmons said. “The other thing is I think schools. We have to expand the funding of schools so that we can expand early childhood education. We’ve got to get these children to school as early as we can so we can prepare them for a formal education. And third, I think jobs in Brunswick County.”

As for State House District 19, which covers part of New Hanover County, three candidates have also filed to run.

Incumbent Republican Rep. Ted Davis has not faced a challenger since 2012 but now he has two opponents so far this year.

Democrat Marcia Morgan was among the first to sign up Monday. Libertarian David Perry filed later in the afternoon.

WWAY also asked them what they would like to do if elected.

“Quality public education,” Morgan said. “I think that’s the corner stone of everything that we have. Our environment is under attack right now. We really need to take active steps to correct things and get back on track. We need to work on the economy. Get new jobs. Get new industries into the area that are clean that will not pollute our area. And equality for all.”

“I’ve got a good vision that people are connecting with,” Perry said. “They really want a limited government that doesn’t intrude on our personal freedoms and doesn’t intrude on our, the power of our community to govern themselves.”

Rep. Davis could not meet up but sent WWAY the following statement:

“I filed for re-election today.

There are many issues that are important to our State and region, including the environment; education; the economy; and our present prison system. I will continue to work on these, as well as other matters.

Why I should be re-elected will hopefully become abundantly clear as the campaign progresses.”

As of right now the Democrat Rep. Deb Butler serves in House District 18. She is currently unopposed, but that can always change.

Unlike in 2016, this year Democrats are making sure to put up challengers for Republican held seats in the General Assembly.

Something Butler is excited about.

“I think that there’s a new energy about our party,” Butler said. “We have the message I think that resonates with people. We’re talking about living wages, we’re talking about clean water down here in Wilmington certainly, we’re talking about the expansion of Medicaid so people get the healthcare they need. So there are a lot of issues that North Carolinians care about that are our issues.”

Republicans currently hold veto-proof majorities in both the State House and Senate. So that means it would take a lot for Democrats to win back a majority in either chamber.

Candidates have until Feb. 28 to file their paperwork.

Check the links below for updated lists from each county elections board in our area as they become available:

Bladen County
Brunswick County
Columbus County
New Hanover County
Pender County

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