Cape Fear Collective continues to address disparities in the local community

Cape Fear Collective Presentation
Cape Fear Collective presents data to other nonprofits in the Cape Fear region February 10, 2022 (Photo: WWAY)

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — The Cape Fear Collective is touting its recent accomplishments in gathering data and recent property purchases. The nonprofit hopes to help address wage inequality, affordable housing, and other social and economic inequalities.

“Our goal is to make sure that people’s voices are heard. That the data demonstrates the lived experience of the people working and living every day in our neighborhoods in our region,” said Dante Haywood, Cape Fear Collective Data Scientist.

Using data gathered in 2019 and 2020 the Cape Fear Collective shared with other local nonprofits the state of the local and national economy, groups most affected by poverty in the area, and the average income per household, including racial disparities.

“I hope that when people these data, they feel like there is people fighting on their side, and that we are trying to build a community within the region,” said Haywood.

Affordable housing is one of the major issues the nonprofit plans to address.  Wilmington City Council recently awarded $250,000 to Cape Fear Collective to keep working on affordable housing options.

“We are buying typically kind of larger rental portfolios, and with our social impact investments are able to kind of compete with other developers to purchase those units, immediately protect them as affordable. We are also trying to surge some additional renovations to those properties, improve housing stock,” said Meaghan Dennison, Cape Fear Collective interim CEO.

Cape Fear Collective interim CEO Meaghan Dennison said the nonprofit will continue to make investments in the community, monitoring the data and adapting as needed.

“In terms of social impact investments, we currently have about 16 million under investment in just over 100 units of affordable housing here, mostly based in New Hanover County. We hope to have 30 million under investment by the end of the year, and are getting questions about how our model might apply in regions or counties outside of New Hanover,” said Dennison.

This month Cape Fear Collective will launch a Healthy NC 2030 Dashboard funded by Novant Health. It’s a free database containing public health indicators and more than 1,300 community metrics.

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