Cardinal Lanes Bowling Alley becoming a hit within the film industry

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY)–The film industry has taken off again in the Cape Fear. There are now multiple productions taking place at once and area businesses are the feeling the positive impact.

​”It’s kind of a neat thing when you can be part of something else,”says Cardinal Lanes Owner Ron Schnell.

It has been a busy year for the Cardinal Lanes Bowling Alley in Wilmington. Not only because of the balls and pins, but the film industry coming to town. Cardinal Lanes has been featured in three films in the last year and half, which includes the current filming of “Scream 5”. Owner Ron Schnell says he’s not sure what got the ball rolling on using his bowling alley in movies, but he’s glad it did.

“You know it’s a large area and bowling is such an American thing that you know everybody does,”says Schnell. “So, I guess you know if you incorporate it in films and stuff now it’s the cool thing.”

Schnell says it has helped out his business financially as well. They have been trying to recoup from the bowling alley being shut down for months due to covid-19.

“Anytime we can contribute to the bottom line it’s a good thing,”Schnell said. “So, you know when they come in it’s always a good thing for us.”

He hopes this is only the beginning of the film industry’s comeback in the Cape Fear. He says it mean a lot to not only local businesses, but those in the industry that still live here year around.

“You know we hope they come back, it’s a great industry as far as Wilmington,”says Schnell. “So, we wish them well and hope it does come back. I mean there’s a lot of film people in this city. Even when they go out of town, they’re still living here. So, we want to support them as much as we can.”

“Scream 5” working under the project name ‘Parkside’ is expected to be filming in the Cape Fear for the rest of the month. The movie is not expected to be released until January 2022.

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