Carolina Beach Town Manager fires back against claims that he lied

CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) — Drama in the town of Carolina Beach. The town’s Police Advisory Committee has accused the Town Manager of lying to a candidate for the police department. Now the Town Manager is firing back against their claims.

In a letter sent to the town, the Police Advisory Committee or PAC listed a number of issues they believe were handled incorrectly with that candidate, and broader issues with the police department in general. The town has lost 12 officers since January 2018.

The PAC is made up of nine citizens and one member of the police department.

According to the letter, the candidate in question was a former Carolina Beach Police officer who was ready to come back. It goes on to say that Town Manager Lucky Narain lied to the candidate, telling him he scored well below the other candidates when that was not in fact true.

In his response, Narain said there is a difference between not understanding processes or different ranking lists and being lied to.  Narain said he created his own un-biased and entirely neutral ranking and had zero knowledge of a committee ranking throughout his ranking process

On Tuesday, Mayor Joe Benson addressed the PAC’s letter, and what he believes needs to change in order to keep officers around longer.

“It may not have been the way I go, almost a nuclear option. But I know that what they’re attempting to do is in their mind, the right thing,” Benson said. “We need to get out officers up to something comparable to like-size and area towns. Because right now, we’re not there.”

Benson says police pay will be a part of tonight’s town council discussion, and he hopes that can be added to the 2019 – 2020 budget. That budget will be voted on by town council later this month.

As far as the issues between the Town Manager and the PAC, click here to read the full response.

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