Carolina Shores residents say ‘not in my backyard’ to HUD housing

CAROLINA SHORES, NC (WWAY) – “Not in my backyard!” That’s what some Carolina Shores residents are saying about a new housing proposal.

But first, the land on Highway 17 would have to be rezoned in order to build the development.

The Carolina Shores planning board held a hearing at town hall to discuss this matter.

The proposal is to build a U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development complex.

Concerned residents flooded Carolina Shores town hall Wednesday morning to discuss whether HUD housing will be built here on Highway 17.

More than 300 people tried to attend the meeting, but the building only held 68. Some residents say the situation is impractical.

“There is no infrastructure as far as public transportation for anyone. There’s no jobs in this area,” said Susan David.

Others say it’s a matter of safety.

“We already rely on the sheriff’s office we don’t even have a town police department we’re relying on volunteer EMS,” said Beth Adams.

But financial burden seems to be the biggest worry.

“HUD housing is affordable housing which is making it unaffordable to the rest of us because it’s upping our property value which will increase our taxes and a lot of these people are retired on fixed incomes and they’re not gonna be able to afford the taxes because this is really placing a burden on everybody,” said Tiffanie Mason.

After listening to residents, board members say they will not be hasty in making their decision.

“I like to take into consideration how this affects the town, but more importantly how does it affect the residents of the town because they’re the ones that have to live here and you know put up with whatever decisions we make,” said Mark Brown, the chairman of the planning and zoning board.

The next step in this process is to reschedule the meeting, after that the board will vote to make the final decision.

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