CFCC producing successful electrical lineworkers after brief 10 week program

As more workers retire, NC Community College System President Thomas Stith says now is a great opportunity for students taking part in the 10 week program.

“Over 98 percent of the graduates from these programs go on to have very viable jobs,” Stith said. “Able to not only provide for themselves but increasing the economic opportunities in their communities.”

Two of the dozens of current students in the program are a father and son from California, who say they’ve learned a lot since beginning the program in late September.

“The instructors are really good,” Andre Long said. “They made it easy. They broke it down step by step. It made me feel comfortable so it was real easy to just jump on the pole and climb it.”

Andre’s father reflects his son’s views, pointing out the many opportunities this program provides its graduates.

“With this program you get your CDL, you get your lineman certification, you get flagger cert,” Andre Long Sr. said. “That’s three professions right there alone.”

Cape Fear Community College President Jim Morton says the wide range of skills students gain is what makes them so attractive to potential employers.

“We typically have contractors and employers waiting the same day that they can interview with,” Morton said. “Once they finish getting the certificate, we walk across the hall. They interview and usually have a job offer that day, if not more than one.”

Morton says graduates can expect to earn a good wage straight out of the program, starting off at 18 to 24 dollars an hour.

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