CFPUA provides updated schedule for arrival of new filters to treat PFAS

Filters are now eliminating PFAS from water, according to CFPUA (Photo: CFPUA)

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The Cape Fear Public Utility Authority (CFPUA) has announce the projected arrival of eight new filters by December of this year to treat PFAS such as GenX.

The CFPUA Board received the updated schedule today for the new granular activated carbon (GAC) filters to be installed at the Sweeney Water Treatment Plant.

The GAC filters have been under construction since November 2019 and are being built to provide effective treatment for Chemours’ PFAS contamination, according to CFPUA.

Although eight filters are scheduled to arrive, CFPUA says based on projected drinking water demands, only four of the eight filters need to be online to provide effective PFAS treatment – to a standard where, for example, levels of GenX are at or near non-detection.

If work goes as currently planned, CFPUA says customers in the Sweeney water system could begin receiving drinking water effectively treated for Chemours’ PFAS by early fall 2022.

The new filters are being constructed and made operational while Sweeney, already among the state’s most sophisticated water treatment plants, continues to produce about 80 percent of the drinking water CFPUA distributes to its customers.

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