Charlotte indoor mask mandate to go into effect Wednesday

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WSOC) — The City of Charlotte and the unincorporated parts of Mecklenburg County will go back under an indoor mask mandate on Wednesday with the rest of the county most likely following in its foot steps soon after, county officials announced on Monday.

The Mecklenburg County COVID-19 Policy Group met on Monday to discuss the state of the coronavirus in the community. The policy group guides the county’s and the county’s municipalities’ response to the pandemic.

Following the meeting, several Mecklenburg County leaders including county manager Dena Diorio and county health director Gibbie Harris, held a news conference where they announced their recommendation to implement indoor mask mandates first in Charlotte and then across the entire county.

Shortly after the news conference, Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles released a statement saying she is instituting an indoor mask mandate in the Queen City that will go into effect on Wednesday.

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