Cost of Christmas lights: How much are you really spending?

When it comes to decorating your home for the holidays, the type of lights you choose to deck the halls with can make a big difference in your electric bill.

Making the switch to LED lights will help your wallet.

For example, 20 strings of mini-incandescent lights will cost an extra $14.40 a month. While 20 strings of mini-LED lights will add just $2.41 to your bill.

Although LED lights cost a little more up front, the savings add up over time.

You can add up the costs, or savings yourself, using Duke Energy’s Holiday Lighting Calculator. Just put in the number of strands you have and it estimates the cost. It’s a good way to compare, or see what your lights may be adding to your bill.

The website also said LED bulbs generate less heat and help reduce the risk of burns and fire and last up to 10 years longer than regular bulbs.

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