City leaders approve rezoning for major development, officially ban the box

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) – A busy night for Wilmington city leaders as they tackle major development coming to a busy road.

Wilmington city leaders unanimously approved rezoning on Military Cutoff Road that supports the 98 town home encompassing project, Arboretum Village.

Council members approved rezoning that supports the sister project, Arboretum West, which sits along Station Road. That project would add more than 300 apartments and commercial space and remains a concern for neighbors.

“If you want to go south you’re going down to Military Cutoff that’s what’s going to happen and it’s going to come right through our intersection there that’s already a mess and it’s going to get worse,” said neighbor Bill Shell.

No public traffic analysis was needed for the Village, the development team performed their own and showed the project would not affect traffic. An analysis was required for West and engineers said they would attempt to make improvements with interconnectivity for Market Street and Military Cutoff Road.

“Improvements are really designed to minimize delay on Military Cutoff road we know that’s carrying a lot of traffic there are some delays there,” said Rynal Stephenson presenting the traffic analysis for Arboretum West. “These improvements are meant to minimize delays and keep traffic moving.”

Council members approved a resolution showing a sign of support to students in Parkland, Florida as well as in Wilmington. In it, they applaud the efforts students are making to bring awareness to gun violence in schools and demand for action to end school shootings.

Lastly, city council approved an ordinance to ban the box. From now on they will no longer require a potential city employee to disclose whether they had a prior conviction or not. The city will continue to run background checks for specifics with the need for such screening.


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