City of Myrtle Beach reaches settlement with NAACP over ‘discriminatory’ bike loop

The City of Myrtle Beach has reached a settlement with the NAACP after a jury in December found the city’s traffic plans were racially motivated but also said the city would have acted the same way even if race was not a factor.

The civil rights organization says a 23-mile traffic loop during bike fest is discriminatory and creates traffic problems more than promotes safety.

The settlement includes:

  • Contributing a payment of $50,000 to the NAACP
  • Data collection on busy summer weekends
  • Hiring expert consultants to handle traffic planning studies for large events; public safety expert for large events; consultants to provide a report to the city regarding operations plans for traffic and public safety issues created during Black Bike Week
  • Allow the City of Myrtle Beach’s human rights commission to advise and provide feedback to the city and all city officials
  • Hire a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer

This long-standing disagreement began in 2003 when the NAACP filed a lawsuit against the city over its previous traffic plan. In 2005, the district court granted the NAACP’s motion for a preliminary injunction, finding that differences in the traffic plans between Black Bike Week and Harley Week were likely motivated by race and in violation of the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution.

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