City sees decrease in Part One crimes

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — 2015 saw a rise in violent crime in Wilmington, but that trend isn’t quite holding true so far this year.

Today, Wilmington City Council met to discuss many different topics including the city’s crime rate.

Despite some of the recent shootings, robberies and other crimes in the area, Wilmington Police Chief Ralph Evangelous says crime is way down.

“Right now we’re projecting potentially the lowest part one crime rate we’ve ever had in the past twenty or thirty years.” Evangelous said.

Wilmington is on track to see a nearly 10% overall decrease in Part One crimes.

Those crimes include things like murder, rape, robbery and burglaries.

While the number of murders is up, residents in Wilmington say they are not surprised to hear these overall crime numbers are down.

“I think they’re also fixing up the town,” UNCW Professor Dr. Janna Robertson said. “There’s no place for the crime to be. I look around this area downtown and it feels safe, it looks clean and there are always people. I think crime only thrives in the darkness.”

Police also say cracking down on the opioid epidemic and getting drugs off the streets are other reasons certain crimes are going down.

Chief Evangelous adds that crime is down due to good policing but says it is also in part to the economy and citizens working well with police.

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