City spreads awareness on National Stop on Red Week

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — This week the city of Wilmington Traffic Engineering and the Wilmington Police are teaming up to make sure you drive alert and arrive alive.

It is National Stop on Red Week. The city and police released several images and videos on social media citing the campaign to demand drivers stay vigilant and focussed when entering an intersection or roadway containing a traffic light. 

City traffic engineer Don Bennett says the city estimates between 2,300 to 2,500 drivers run red lights on a monthly basis. He says that’s based on only 13 traffic cameras.

Bennett says the key culprit in many of the incidents is distraction. He says anything from the air, the radio or mobile devices are to blame. Bennett says drivers need to not only think about following the law, but the ramifications of their actions behind the wheel.

“What happens if it’s not just a red light that you are running? What happens for the pedestrian that steps out unexpectedly,” asked Bennett. “What happens to the bicyclist that’s riding down the side of the road? You know we really need to our minds fully engaged on the driving task when we are behind the wheel of a vehicle.”

The week of awareness goes through August 10. Bennett says he plans to coordinate with the city public information office regarding the issue of speeding in city limits. He says all too often people think speeding in traffic light congested areas will help them get somewhere faster, when in fact the race against time is lost depending on when the commuter leaves spot A to get to spot B.


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