Classes combat underage drinking at every level

CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) — Folks are fighting underage drinking in New Hanover County and they are doing it with knowledge. Folks came together tonight to teach others about the best ways to prevent underage drinking.

At a meeting in Carolina Beach the ALE along with local non-profits were teaching about the best ways to stop underage drinking from happening in our area. The class caters to anyone who could come into contact with underage folks. The class focused on teaching people the right and wrong ways to handle different situations like fake ID’s and serving alcohol to intoxicated people.

“You wanna make sure that you’re updated and you’re informed on the laws and regulations,” said Jane McDonald who helped to organize the class.

Bar owners, bartenders, and waiters and waitresses all attended the class. Everyone there acknowledging the importance of combatting underage drinking at every level.

“Be vigilant about it and that’s really all there is to it,” said Chazz Pulliam, owner of Hoplite at Carolina Beach.

Selling to minors can have big consequences too, ranging from jail time to fines and lawsuits.

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