College offers cloned Venus Flytraps to Alderman Park

WHITEVILLE, NC (WWAY) — Help could be on the way for Wilmington’s Alderman Park after more than 1,000 Venus Flytraps were poached last week.

Southeastern Community College has offered some of its cloned Venus Flytraps plants to replenish the breed at the Stanley Rehder Garden in Wilmington.

Becky Westbrooks, an instructor at the school, says she appreciates all the work Rehder put into the park and his dedication to the plant.

“This is near and dear to my heart and all the hard work Stanley Rehder for the elementary school to provide such a beautiful natural resource, and if there’s any way this college can help, we’re there,” Westbrooks said.

Westbrooks says Southeastern Community College has 5,000 plants mature enough to be place in the park if needed. She estimates the college has cloned about one million Flytraps in the last six years.

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