Colorado cannabis company shows high interest in Wilmington

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Colorado was one of the first states to legalize recreational marijuana.

One company from that state partnered with tekMountain to present it in the Cape Fear.

TekMountain is a company that helps create businesses and hosted the event because they see an importance in the conversation.

“This wave, this social change that has to do with cannabis has affected most of the country. It’s not part of North Carolina’s law right now and it may not be for a long time. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t explore its affects on us in our community,” Brett Martin, tekMountain CEO, said.

The presenter, Medicine Man Technologies, is a cannabis consulting business based in Colorado.

They offer licensing opportunities and consult people on the medical marijuana and recreational business.

“We’re crafting good policy in Colorado and this is just an event to kind of present opportunities and an overview of what’s happening in the marketplace,” Carrie Roberts, a Medicine Man Technologies senior consultant, said.

Thursday night, they answered questions, discussed the current political climate and discussed where Medicine Man sees North Carolina standing.

“We’ve got 31 states now that have some kind of medical marijuana laws on the books and laws are advancing quickly. Not as fast in the South, but there was a house bill that was introduced in February, House Bill 185. So there’s potential opportunity for medical cannabis to come here to North Carolina,” Roberts said.

TekMountain knows that marijuana is illegal in North Carolina but believes it is important for entrepreneurs and the business community to discuss this developing yet controversial topic.

Marijuana has been legalized for medical use in approximately 28 states and has been up for debate in North Carolina for years.

But only time will tell if Medicine Man’s visit to the Cape Fear was worth it.

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