Columbus County violence kills one and injures three over the weekend

COLUMBUS COUNTY (WWAY) — This weekend, two shootings in Columbus County killed one teen and injured three more Friday night.

David Shipman lives on South Wilkes Street in Chadbourn, and woke up just after midnight to the second shooting of the weekend: at least half a dozen gun shots so loud, he though someone was banging on his door.

“Then I hear the sirens, and the blue lights down there coming. and then I said to myself, them was gun shots,” Shipman remembered.

Around midnight, someone fired multiple shots into a house on South Wilkes Street in Chadbourn, injuring a 16-year-old girl. This came less than an hour and a half after a shooting at a party killed 18-year-old Markel Evans and injured a 14 and 16-year-old.

“It appears that it started at one place and then,” Chadbourn Mayor Phillip Britt said, “they don’t know if it was retaliation, the other shooting.”

The first shooting happened at a large house between Chadbourn and Cerro Gordo. Columbus County Sheriff’s Deputies responded just after 10:30 to the Five Points Community. Officials say the partygoers were celebrating a birthday, when a car pulled up, and two groups exchanged fire.

Mayor Britt believes the people in both shootings knew one another and had a conflict.

“Best way to say it is somebody will do something then somebody retaliates,” he explained. “Then because they retaliated, then somebody goes and does something else. So, it’s just a cycle. It’s a bad cycle that keeps going on and on and on.”

Chadbourn has held several “Stop the Violence” meetings and marches, even getting approval to add four more police officers to the force. Still, Britt voiced concern over both shootings, not wanting innocent people to get hurt.

According to Britt, “The shooting into the dwellings concerns everyone. Because you don’t know where that bullet’s going.”

Neighbors, like Shipman are concerned as well.

“I just wish these young people would get themselves together,” he said.

According to Sheriff Jody Greene, law enforcement is close to an arrest in the party shooting. Britt said safety and tracking down the shooters in the police’s number one priority. 

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